What Trump’s policies mean to the US economy and Malaysia?

1 November 2016


  • What is Trump’s plan?
  • How will Trump’s policies impact on:
    • Global financial markets
    • US economy
    • Malaysia economy
  • Conclusion


  • We must have more clarity on Trump’s policies direction to give a better assessment
  • While President-elect Trump’s rhetoric campaign pledges may be watered down when governing, history suggests that presidents tend to carry out their major campaign promises. What is needed is to ensure “checks and balances” in Congress
  • The focus will be on who he will appoint to the Trump cabinet and those picked as adviser in his economic think-tank
  • Financial markets will keenly watch any leadership change in the Federal Reserve as the terms of Fed chairman Janet Yellen will expire in February 2018. Trump has been critical of her performance
  • Pending the extent of policy changes, trade tensions and fiscal stimulus have offsetting impacts on the US economic growth in the medium term
  • The impact of shaken trade deals on Malaysia should be manageable as counteracted by domestic growth drivers, including the planned mega public infrastructure spending. Malaysia may consider to establish Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with the US, Canada and Peru

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