Trump's Trade Agenda: What is it for Asia?

24 February 2017


  • What is Trump’s plan?
  • How will Trump’s policies impact on Global financial markets, US economy and Malaysia economy
  • Conclusion


  • We must have more clarity on Trump’s policies direction to give a better assessment
  • Pending the extent of policy changes, trade tensions and fiscal stimulus have offsetting impacts on the US economic growth in the medium term
  • The failure of TPPA means a missed opportunity for Malaysia exporters to sell more in TPPA’s participants countries. The affected sectors are electronics and electrical products, rubber products, palm oil as well as automotive components
  • Expanding trade in ASEAN and countries in which Malaysia has Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with as well as the push for RCEP will be positive for boosting Malaysia’s trade prospect
  • Malaysia is currently working at having FTAs with four of the 12 countries, namely the United States, Canada, Mexico and Peru, which were participating members of the TPPA
  • The impact of shaken trade deals on Malaysia’s economic growth should be manageable as counteracted by domestic growth drivers, including the planned mega public infrastructure spending

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