The Mid-Term Review of Twelfth Malaysia Plan 2021-2025 (MTR of 12MP): Sustainable, Prosperous, High-Income Nation

11 September 2023
  • The Mid-Term Review of the 12th Malaysia Plan (MTR of 12MP), 2021-2025, which is the main policy document to realise the aspiration of ‘Ekonomi MADANI: Memperkasa Rakyat’, was unveiled to take stock of the progress achieved half-way through its implementation period. This was followed by a reassessment of the goals, enablers and game changers as well as socio-economic targets set in the original 12MP.

  • The planning document contains 17 Big Bolds and 71 Main Strategies and Initiatives (Original plan: Three themes, four policy catalysts and 14 game changers) across the key enablers and three main focuses: Strengthening sustainability, Building a prosperous society, and Achieving high-income nation. National income per capita in current terms is projected to increase by 4.6% pa in 2023-2025 to RM61,000 (US$14,250) in 2025. By 2030, national income per capita is expected to reach RM85,115.

  • The MTR of 12MP is an important pillar in the journey towards a more inclusive, dynamic, and competitive Malaysia: (a) Raising the ceiling through creating a high-value economy, and better technological content as well as attracting world-class foreign investments; and (b) Raising the floor through ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of income to all.

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