Belt & Road Business Forum and Symposium 2018 - China's BRI in Malaysia: Can it be a win-win partnership?

6 January 2018

Key messages


China is a dominant player in global capital flows

  • China’s “Going Out” strategy spurs deeper economic and financial integration
  • Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) will elevate China’s investment to greater heights
  • Chinese investments flow across a broad range of industries, including strategic sectors

Deepening of Malaysia’s ties with China: What are the implications?

  • Spillover on GDP, investment, exports, SMEs and financial market
  • Opportunities vs. challenges; Partners or competitors?
  • How can local enterprises and SMEs benefit from BRI?
  • Rising China engagement comes with concerns, negative perceptions and criticisms

Policy prescriptions to foster stronger mutual economic benefits

  • Coordinate approaches to secure mutual economic benefits
  • Targeted intervention policy – sourcing of local materials, transfer of technology, employment, synergetic ties-up
  • SMEs – be prepared to seize business opportunities while facing competition
  • Increasing the competitiveness of local SMEs

Key probing questions

  • What kind of the government’s policies would be conducive to help SMEs to tap such opportunities?
  • How to encourage and promote local enterprises and SMEs?
  • Are our SMEs well prepared to compete and benefit from the opportunities created by the Belt and Road Initiative?
  • What obstacles and barriers exist in China? How to improve market access?

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