ASEAN Economic Community (AEC): The next level of Integration

1 October 2016


  1. ASEAN’s relevance – Ready for the 21st century
  2. The path to AEC – Already set in motion
  3. Next level of integration – Of opportunities and challenges
  4. Conclusion


  • Amid going through a rough patch Post-Global Financial Crisis, ASEAN will emerge stronger
  • By 2030, ASEAN will add another 120m people to its already vibrant population of 625m people and a potential GDP growth of 5%
  • With ASEAN’s strategic location next to China and India, the two countries are largely viewed as a complementary force to ASEAN amid the high degree of competition they bring
  • The path to AEC remains challenging. Weak institutional framework and the lack of an enforcement mechanism are impediments to comprehensive integration
  • Lack of alignment of interest between political leaders and bureaucrats
  • Loose implementation of AEC provisions will result in few immediate benefits

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