SERC Online Media Briefing on Quarterly Economy Tracker (Apr-Jun 2021)

22 July 2021

SERC Online Media Briefing on Quarterly Economy Tracker (Apr-Jun 2021)



To view Executive Summary of QET, please follow the link below:

QET 2021Q2: Malaysia's Recovery Path: Realistic vs. Hopeful


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  1. (i) Think tank maintains 4% growth forecast for 2021
    (ii) Pertumbuhan KDNK kekal 4% pada 2021, kata badan pemikir
    (iii) 今年次季经济表现关键 智库称经济增长维持4%
    The Malaysian Insight 透视大马

  2. SERC maintains 2021’s GDP growth at 4%
    The Malaysian Reserve

  3. Expect economy to kick-off in Q4, says think tank
    FMT News

  4. 中总:大马复苏在第2和第3季度暂受挫

  5. 中总:大马出口同比增长31.1%

  6. SERC maintains Malaysia’s 2021 GDP growth forecast at 4% as growth projection subject to downside risk
    The Edge

  7. 中总预计国行维持1.75%隔夜利率

  8. 大马GDP料维持4%增长 中总研究中心:仍有下行风险

  9. SERC: Msia’s recovery path disrupted as lockdown, rising infections persist
    Focus Malaysia

  10. (i) Malaysia should ratify RCEP soon, economist says
    (ii) Malaysia perlu meterai RCEP seceoat mungkin, kata pakar ekonomi
    (iii) 布城受促加快批准RCEP 李兴裕盼扭转大马局势
    The Malaysian Insight 透视大马

  11. 李兴裕:经济复苏催化剂 政府应速批准RCEP

  12. 疫苗接种计划加速 经济复苏还看第3季

  13. Recovery likely to pick up pace in Q4
    The Star

  14. Ratify RCEP fast to spur post-pandemic economic recovery
    The Malaysian Reserve

  15. 智库:尽管多数地区封锁防疫 马今年GDP料可取得4%增长


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