KADIN Webinar: Construction Industry from Survival to Rebound

3 December 2020

KADIN Webinar: Construction Industry from Survival to Rebound


The Global Pandemic COVID-19 have severely disrupted the construction industry across the world including South-East Asia. There are many reports of delays in infrastructure projects, due to supply chain disruptions and low mobility among workers. Each country had facing the challenge of uncertainties regarding project completion, project financing and future infrastructure and construction pipeline.

Within the disruptive pandemic era and all the setback each government should start to address immediate plan to recovery and rebound to boost their economy.

Based on McKinsey’s research on emerging ASEAN countries, the potential recipe for recovery and the foundation for extended growth lay at these five key levers, Manufacturing Hubs, Infrastructure, Investment in digital, Talent reskilling and high value food industries.

With this background, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) has initiate to invite ASEAN chamber for infrastructure to join this forum where each country can share and learn from each other and make the best plan to rebound construction sector in 2021.



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