Our Mission

To identify and examine new and emerging issues and trends, supported by a through evidence-based qualitative and quantitative research. The research outcome will be shared with the stakeholders and public while providing constructive solutions and approaches to support policy formulation in spearheading Malaysia’s socio-economic development programs.

Our Vision

SERC intends to become the leading think tank in Malaysia and be recognised as a centre of excellence in public policies research. It will be at the forefront of many key public policy research contributing towards the dynamics of national socio-economic development. In line with this, SERC’s functions include:

  • To strengthen the link between the Government and private sector, specifically industry and to function as a focal point for economic, financial and business research in the country.
  • To support the formulation of national policies, including new and on- going review of economic, social and business policies via consultative, qualitative and quantitative channels. This will be achieved through relevant and independent research work, and by drawing on research collaboration with external parties from multidisciplinary fields.
  • To drive consultative and critical debates from business community and to offer proposals and solutions to on-going business issues.
  • To harness ideas from business community and academia as well as supplement inputs to Government's policies via memoranda that are evidence-based and well supported by facts and figures.
  • To promote exchange of ideas and sharing of our research work with focus group meetings and conferences in efforts to boost better understanding of issues.

Our Goals

To achieve these goals, SERC seeks to:

  • Work closely with chambers of commerce organizations, trade and industry associations as well as academia on economic and business policy research.
  • Build and develop knowledge capacity through presentation at conferences and forums, speaking engagements, and organizes consultative discussions to deliberate critical issues and challenges confronting business development.
  • Deliver and knowledge-sharing with key stakeholders (the Government, agencies, industry and business community, researchers and academia) and media.
  • Foster new talents development and enhance capacity building for economic analysis by offering internship program for undergraduates.